We're getting ready for entries opening on Saturday 4th July at 10pm.

To make it as smooth as possible for yourselves, we recommend you & your team-mates register with Si ENTRIES before the 4th.

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control the date has been changed to the weekend of the 23rd/24th January.

There's snow

We've plenty snow now so here at Fort Puffer we're watching and waiting to see how it goes and looking out of the bedroom window every morning we ponder on what will be needed to get the course in tip top nick for all of you funsters. Snow shovels ? ice picks ?  Our pet local boys with their JCB ? Oooh it's not long now.

We also took delivery of the Snowglobes yesterday so we'll be having a wee prize making party along with labelling the beer after I've picked it up from the Brewery. I can't  give you the date on that one as we'll have to test it's ok for you first ....just to be sure