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Alastair Humphreys

You may not have realised that you were in the presence of a round the world cyclist at this years Puffer.

At just 24 years old, Alastair Humphreys left England to cycle round the world. Completely alone with just his bike, a few maps and very limited supplies, he set out on a 46 000 mile journey which would take along the length of the Earth’s three great land-masses : Africa, the Americas and Eurasia.

Away from friends and family for four years, Alastair’s self-funded ride took him from the deserts of Sudan to a Siberian winter, from Albania to Zimbabwe, from the Dead Sea to Andean heights. Riding from England to South Africa, Alastair raced crossed the Atlantic by yacht, cycled from Patagonia to Alaska, crossed the Pacific by freighter, finally completing his expedition by cycling back to England from eastern Siberia.

Alastair is about to start a small tour talking about his experiences while circumnavigating the globe and you never know the Puffer may even get a wee mention...

He will be appearing at:

Andover - The Lights - 9th February 2011 - Tickets Tel 01264 368368

Dunkeld & Birnam Institute - 5th March 2011 - Tickets Tel 01350 727674

Inverness - Eden Court - 19th March 2011 Tickets Tel 01463 234234

The Puffer team wholeheartedly recommend that you make an effort to go a see this top bloke and listen to his remarkable stories.