We're getting ready for entries opening on Saturday 4th July at 10pm.

To make it as smooth as possible for yourselves, we recommend you & your team-mates register with Si ENTRIES before the 4th.

Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control the date has been changed to the weekend of the 23rd/24th January.

Entries open tomorrow . . .

Remember Remember . . . . . Puffer entries open at 10.00 tomorrow morning (5th November 2011) at Sportident - there will be a link from the front page of this website - if you are entering solo or in a pair and you don't already have a sportident number it is advisable to register at in advance as this will speed up your entry process . . . entries will close at Midnight on 4th December 2011 which means you have just over 4 weeks to get your entry in - good luck