No 6 – over and out

Well there we are  . . . . Puffer No 6 over and done with apart from a wee bit of tidying up and a few cuts, bruises and the odd broken bone to heal

Another memorable event, it’s amazing how each year the Strathpuffer has a slightly different character, last year was snow this year it was definitely ice, ice baby.

Firstly some thanks:

To all our marshals without whom there would be no Strathpuffer. They turn out and work hard at all sorts of strange times and in all sorts of weather conditions and always with a smile and a positive attitude

To our new friends from RAF Kinloss who helped out with loads of tasks in the three days prior to the event and throughout the whole 24 hours at the Haribo Hill Marshal station. I’m not sure how we would have got the Fire Road gritted for car parking without their help. Fantastic bunch of lads, a pleasure to work with.

To all the companies we bring in to make the event happen – Sportident Timing, Red Poppy Catering, Heilan Loos, Brandon Hire Equipment Hire, Munros Waste Disposal, North of Scotland Marquees, Rescue Medics and Kenneth Stewart contractors – they all deliver every year above and beyond the call of duty

To our sponsors USE Exposure, Cube, Hi Five, The Cooperative Membership, Bionicon, Craigdon Mountain Sports and Ride Sierra Nevada all of whom help with prizes and other support

To Forestry Commission Scotland and The Highland Council for providing all the necessary permissions and other practical support

To the Mystic Shoes for bringing some fantastic live music to a draughty marquee in the middle of a forest and doing so with such irrepressible enthusiasm. It added a whole new element to the event.


We salute all the entrants who took on this years Strathpuffer especially the prize winners – this years conditions were particularly challenging as evidenced by the steady stream of customers for Rescue Medics

There are too many winners to mention individually – you all know who you are and how well you did

We are always amazed by the resilience of the Strathpuffer riders – team members from Wavepower Wanderers and Howies Heroes did laps with a broken hand and Ben Thompson got back on his bike and completed his lap after a high speed off had thrown him into the trees. Ben needed a hospital check to ensure he hadn’t sustained some serious internal injuries on top of all the damage we could see


A full list of results can be found at:


Jon Brooke was out all day and up all night taking photos. The superb results of his labours can be seen at:


Our charity this year was the British Heart Foundation – a team led by “Monty” took part in this years Puffer, knocking out 23 laps and raising over £1000 to help this charity support people with dodgy tickers – if you are looking for a charity to support you could do far worse than BHF Scotland

Furthermore, Peter & Susan Somerset deployed their inimitable fund raising tactics to separate you from nearly £700 for Scottish Mountain Rescue as you were departing. We will top this up and split it equally between the four teams that took part in this years event: Arrochar, Kintail, Aberdeen and Dundonnell

The Puffer Lite

If you can’t wait until next year to cycle these wonderful trails don’t forget we also do the 12 hour Puffer Lite in the summer. This years dates are the 25th/26th June and we can almost guarantee no ice. Entries open 1st February 10.00 am

Same course, completely different event