Strathpuffer 2011 or put another way 'Puffer no.6

Well there's a lot of you out there desperate to know the what, when, who, why and how for the 2011 event.

We're having a meeting shortly to confirm dates -which will be one of the two middle weekends in January - that's either 15th/16th or 22nd/23rd.

Those of you who are registered with Sportident will receive an email to say when entries open. Frankly this is the simplest way for us to deal with the volume of interested mad'uns. We've put a few enquiries on a mailing list and we will let them know too but really if ya wanna do it you're gonna have sign up with SportIdent anyway...

So keep an eye out in the next few weeks to find out when we're open for entries. Usually it's early November. Enjoy the rest of the summer ! cheers