Entries to the 2015 Strathpuffer 24 open at 22:00 GMT on Wednesday the 5th of November, 2014

Useful tips so that you can enter the Strathpuffer 24 without delay
  • Ensure you are already registered and/or logged into SiEntries by 22:00 on 5th November
  • If you are entering a Pair or Quad ask all your team members to ensure they are registered with SiEntries and to let you have their SiEntries ID, Surname and Postcode before 22:00 on 5th November. This will save you typing in all their personal details

The Doug Stewart Award for Youth Performance

Introducing the Doug Stewart Award for Youth Performance

We are delighted to announce the inauguration of the "Doug Stewart Award for Youth Performance". The award has been presented by John and Olivia Stewart, the parents of a long standing Puffer aficionado, Doug Stewart. Sadly Doug passed away early in 2011 after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.

Doug was a devotee of "The Puffer", it was more painful to miss it than to do it! His passion extended to other sports and he was enthusiastic about bringing kids into sport at an early age, challenging them to "be all they can be". It is with this passion, spirit and ethos that the award now comes into being.

This annual award is open to all competitors U-19 (born after 1/1/93) in Solo/Pairs/Quads.  After taking into account the number of laps completed and the number of qualifying U-19 competitors in each team the winner – team or individual - will be agreed by the organisers.