Entries Open: Wednesday 5th November 2014 at 22:00 (10pm)
Entries Close: Friday 9th January 2015 at 23:59
Entry Fees: All charges for this event will be made in Pounds Sterling
TEAMS OF - Solos/Pairs/Quads - Male/Female/Mixed
Solo (per person) £60.00 
Pair (per person) £60.00 
Quad (per person) £60.00 
10th Anniversary Puffer Team of 10 (per person) £10.00 

The entry fee also includes a free event T-Shirt.

• Ensure you are already registered and/or logged into by 22:00 on 5th November
• If you are entering a Pair or Quad ask all your team members to ensure they are registered with SiEntries and to let you have their SiEntries ID, Surname and Postcode before 22:00 on 5th November. This will save you typing in all their personal details. 


  • Riders must compete on pedal bikes using human power.
  • Riders cannot accept outside mechanical assistance or parts on the course except from other competitors
  • Riders may accept outside assistance and change parts at the designated service area.
  • Only one rider per team may compete at the same time.
  • Riders must 'dib' at the control on every completed lap.
  • Any riders/teams retiring must contact an official as soon as possible.
  • All riders must carry emergency food supplies, a whistle and an emergency light.
  • All riders must carry or wear appropriate clothing for warmth in the event.
  • All riders must carry a first aid kit.
  • All competitors under 16 years must provide written permission from parents.
  • All competitors under 14 must be accompanied by an adult whilst competing

Officials' decision on any such matter or in case of any appeal or objection shall be final. Failure to observe the rules or any action deemed to be out with the spirit of the event may result in penalty or disqualification.

The Route

The map below shows the current Puffer route (marked in black)
Although it says 2010, it hasn't altered.

Refund Policy

We will provide a full refund, less a £10 administration fee, to teams who contact us to cancel their entry before 15th December 2014. After this date there will be no further refunds.

Strathpuffer24 2015

Essential Event Information

Please read it all to help the event run as smoothly as possible.

If you are the Team leader ensure you pass this on to all your team mates.


Getting Here

Firstly you’ll need to come to collect your parking pass from Square Wheels in Strathpeffer - stay on the A9 past Inverness over the Kessock Bridge. At the Tore roundabout take the second exit onto the A9 and follow signs to Dingwall on A834. At second set of traffic lights take a left and follow road for 5 miles until you enter Strathpeffer. Square Wheels is on the right in the Square opposite the Pavilion.

The event itself is based at Torachilty Forest, on the A835 heading towards Ullapool, one mile north-west of the village of Contin and about three miles from Strathpeffer.

From Strathpeffer: Take a right out of the Square in Strathpeffer and pass by Jamestown. Continue for two miles and you’ll come to a T-junction. Take a right and follow signs to Ullapool until you pass through Contin. You’ll see signs for the event.
From the North-west: the site is on the left of the A835 just after the Achilty Hotel before Contin.


Site Access

·          PLEASE DO NOT PARK ANY VEHICLES ON SITE BEFORE 2PM ON FRIDAY 16TH JANUARY 2015.  The site will still be being prepared.

·          Anyone arriving before 2pm will be asked to leave.

·          To gain access to the site you will need to collect your team's Parking Pass from Square Wheels in Strathpeffer between 14.00 and 18.00 on Friday or between 18.00 and 22.00 at the site entrance on Friday evening or between 07.00 and 09.00 at the site entrance on Saturday morning.

·          You cannot collect your pass before 14.00 on Friday and you won't be able to get onto the site without it.  One Parking Pass per Team ONLY.

·          Square Wheels will be open until 18.00 on Friday night before the event.

·          Entrance to the site will be closed between 22.00 Friday night and 07.00 on Saturday morning.

This year we have the most entries we’ve ever had and we’re all going to have to work together to make parking run as smoothly as possible.  We know you all want the best spots but you can’t all  fit on them !  We’d really appreciate your co-operation to make parking happen efficiently .  Please do as the marshals ask.  They’re all volunteers and they will be doing their best to accommodate you.



Probably the biggest headache we have at the Strathpuffer.

It’s worth repeating - We limit access to one vehicle per team whether that is a solo, pair or quad. There is plenty of space at the Achilty Hotel nearby for excess vehicles to be left for the duration of the event and outside Contin Community Centre.

The plan is to send motor-homes, vans etc up the initial fire road climb to park Tour de France style along the course, those with tents only and caravans have a flat parking area 300 metres away from transition and cars are squeezed in anywhere we can.
You must park where the marshals direct you.  Please be nice to them - we have a great team and we can guarantee they will be doing the best they can to accommodate you.


There is a reasonably large camping area and a whole forest to spread out into if necessary. However, in order to ensure we get as many teams as possible on the best areas please camp neatly and only occupy the area you really need. Our marshals will guide you.

This is Forestry Commission Scotland land so no open fires.


·          Registration will take place on site therefore you must collect your parking pass before you try and register. Registration will be open at the following times at event HQ: 
Friday - 6pm to 8pm
Saturday - 7.30 am to 10.30 am

·          All team members must be registered by Saturday 10.30 am.

·          All team members must register and sign an Indemnity Form

·          All Under-16’s must have Parent/Guardian signed permission to participate.

·          All Under-14’s must have an adult accompanying them.

·          At least one rider from each team must be registered in order to start the first lap.

·          The team member who starts the race must complete the first lap….no changeovers permitted !! The first lap will not qualify  towards the fastest lap.

·          There is a rider briefing outside the marquee at 9.45am. Please attend.

·          The Race starts at 10am with a Le Mans style run. You will be piped to the start-line.

Food & Drink

Red Poppy Catering will be working hard over the weekend from Friday evening onwards to keep you all fed - pasta, soup, bacon rolls, muffins, chocolate, tea, coffee and much much more will all be available to replace the many calories you will be burning. There is limited food available during the wee small hours but FUEL Foods will be providing their porridge pots throughout the event and also tea/coffee overnight on Saturday.

Contin Community Hall will be open again for a Pre-Puffer Pasta Night from 6pm on Friday 17th Jan. Lasagne is fab. Beer is cold. Hall is warm. What more can you ask for? Buffet is £10 per head - but if you aren't interested in food, the bar is still open.

There is Contin Stores which sells all the usual stuff  including chocolate, sweets, energy drinks etc. and also the Petrol Station which has basics…and fuel !


SportIDENT will be with us for the weekend to provide their usual consistently accurate timing and rapid results service. We will be allocating one dibber per team which must be "dibbed" in the transition area at the end of each lap. Only one member of each team is allowed to be on the course at any point in time.

Square Wheels Cycles

Square Wheels will be on site for emergency repairs with spares, brake pads, energy bars, lights, socks, gloves, cables etc etc on sale too. Please don't set up any "pirate" shops. We are legally obliged to license any vendors so if you are interested in a pitch send us an email so we can talk about it. There are a number of organisations who support this event and it wouldn't be fair to undermine their contribution. Any unlicensed vendors will be asked to leave.


We have limited water supplies and they might be frozen, so please bring sufficient water for your own use.

Toilets – We will have plenty Porta-loos dotted about onsite ….and we do go round checking loo-roll supplies etc.


There will be charging facilities on site provided by USE Exposure but do bring your batteries ready charged so we don't overwhelm the system. Bring your own charger too, labelled with your name!


We would be eternally grateful if you could take as much of your rubbish away with you as possible - we realise that an event of this nature generates all sorts of detritus but we don't want to be finding it in the forest for the rest of the year.

We will be providing some rubbish disposal facilities but it would really help us if you could take home what you brung including your kitchen sink and awnings - Ta

Triple Echo

We are immensely pleased that Triple Echo will once again be present at The Strathpuffer filming the event for broadcast on BBC2 later in the year as part of The Adventure Show series.

So remember to wash behind your ears and if someone sticks a camera in your face at 3am as you stagger off your bike, smile and do your best to be coherent as you could be about to become a global media star . . 

Also, if you have a particularly interesting story they may be interested in a chat with you - the important word here is interesting - being exhausted, bleeding, delirious, hungry, cold and wet doesn't count - that's just what you've paid for.


Many organisations help in lots of ways to make this event possible but we would just like to highlight the contribution of our main sponsors this year – USE Exposure Lighting, Haglofs Outdoor Clothing and Equipment, Macrae & Dick and Fuel Energy Foods - please buy lots of their products and say you are doing so because they support the Strathpuffer

Spectator Parking

There is spectator parking at Contin Community Centre, on the left on the A835 just before the turning into Torachilty Forest

Prize Giving

We endeavour to organise the prize-giving for as soon after 11am on Sunday morning as possible. Last year we managed to get sorted for 11.30am so that will be our target this year. Please hang around to cheer those that have done good.

We will be sending out another similar email before the event so keep an eye out for any updates.

Finally, we hope you really enjoy the tenth ‘Puffer – have a Merry Christmas and great Hogmanay…

We’ll see you there  !!

The Puffer Team –

All enquiries regarding this email should be directed to